Do You Love Burger King? Then Here Are A Few Things That You Must Know About It!

As the name itself defines, this burger brand has eventually thrashed all other brands to sit on the top as the king of hamburgers across the globe! Housing some of the perfect whoopers, Burger King has definitely gone through a lot of ups and downs, but it has also showcased the ability to fight against all odds and revert as a winner. Well, a lot of you might be pretty much aware of unique marketing strategies and tricky ways to attract people; however, there are various things that you might feel astonished to know. From the Burger King crown that probably sits on each of our heads to the tasty fries and cokes that accompany a whopper, if you are a Bk lover, then here are a few things that you must definitely know about it!

The company was inspired by its all-time competitor McDonald’s!

The very first introduction of this product was done in Jacksonville, Florida in the year 1953. The whole organization was named after a man Keith Kramer. The inspiration was taken up when the uncle of this man’s wife went to a nearby small burger shop named McDonald’s. At that time, even the organization didn’t achieve much to boast about, yet its fries, burgers and shakes did all the talking to an uncle. Inspired with the same, he planned to purchase all new broiler within which, around 12 patties can be easily cooked simultaneously! With this began the story of a small burger shop that later on turned as burger king.

Initially, the product was all about “insta”

This is something again related to the broiler. The amazing broiler that they purchased was initially called as the insta broiler. Thus, their original chain of fast foods that came up was also known as the “Insta burger king”. However, the company failed miserably in the year 1959 and thus, the word insta was removed from the same. The organization was then purchased by the Miami franchisees, namely David R. Edgerton and James McLamore who worked extremely hard upon the concept and expanded it to around 250 locations by the year 1967.

They have turned out as the pioneers in product Tie-in

A lot of you might be completely familiar with the concept of product Tie-ins. Well, from every movie to every series that gets released on a mega screen, has some of the other food company tied up with it. such collaborations generally help both the parties and significantly reduce the number of promotional activities involved. However, there was no single company that came forward and associated itself with any Hollywood movie before Burger king took this move. In the year 1977, they planned to partner with this little yet amazing indie movie named “star wars”. They sold glasses upon which the main characters of the movie were printed. This brought in a revolutionary change in the world tie-ups.

Thus, with all such uniqueness, Burger King always showcases its ability to not only set a benchmark in food quality and taste but eventually turn every head towards them with their strategically planned promotional activities.

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